We’re Always Choosing Something.

Come and see the truth.

Step right up, and observe the Tarot. It’s for you, traveler.

I love when The Fool arrives. And Saturn. Photo by Author.

You may see gold. You may not. All depends on imagination. Olden Lockehart Smith tithed five longhand, left-hand-written pages to Mahakali today.

Your Grace wouldn’t let him off the hook. Some part of her budding plan to purge the world of its many demons. Olden is on board, but it’s all happening so fast…

And…there is a special guest at the end. One who is very rusty with the typing machine. He wishes to make amends with his brother…or does he?


Here’s one of those pages that gets thrown all around in the scanner and somehow makes its way through in one piece. Thought I would leave it as an artistic example. Sometimes it coincides with the page. Meant to be, kind of thing.



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