The Purple Pill — Part One

Nothing wrong with enjoying a juicy steak while supplies last.

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Read an article by Ashe Ryland today. Read, clapped, commented. Enjoyed it. Not nearly as lambasting as I’m accustomed to on Medium, which gives her a nice big niche to work with while the misandry market gets saturated.

Anyway, here you go:

I stayed on to read the comments.

A response came from Anne Borden Lee that blew my mind. Couldn’t just give 50 claps and leave it at that.

Here’s what Anne said:

I enjoyed your article, and I admire your balance , but it frustrates me.

I am embarrassed that the vast majority of relationship articles written by women on Medium decry the failures of men in their behavior, attitudes, and understanding of women.

Often, hostility is hidden behind supposed “helpful” articles telling men what they should be doing if they want to appeal to women.

But I ask you, have you ever seen an article by one of us accepting any responsibility in meeting the needs of men?

I didn’t think so.

It’s like they are lucky to have us!

And if a man writes an article pointing out anything wrong about us, he is hounded by an army of outraged women.

Your article does clearly try to show some perspective, and I know you are writing about one issue, but when are we going to act like the equally caring people we want our men to be?

Sadly, so many of us breeze through our twenties thinking only of our needs, and as we enter the next part of our journey, and we realize we are less valuable on the dating market, we are forced to face the realization that other people matter, too.

I wonder if you are not at this place now.

Men are not that complicated.

They do not understand why we act the way we do.

And that sometimes we are our worst enemies.

This comment comes only hours after I started right clicking articles, removing anything with misandry or hate towards men from my feed.

Basically purged all rants-gone-viral. Anything bashing men.

As these are women getting paid to bash human beings who probably don’t even know they are being written about in most cases. Certainly they didn’t consent to it, and this paints them in a poor light.

These same articles are selected for curation by Medium.

It’s gossip. Entertainment news. Slander. Vacant of love. Indifference is laden in the commentary by the authors, whenever questioned. They could care less because they’re getting loads of attention, and money for it.

The Result?

Men commit suicide three times more successfully than women.

Awww, poor men.

See? I’m already ahead of the haters that bully from a distance.

Men successfully commit suicide because men follow through.

They see the world is turning on them, and they say something to the effect of:

I gave it my best — good luck to the rest.

And then they disconnect from the game of life.

It doesn’t matter what they have on the table. Family. Friends. Spouse. Loved ones. Perfect job. Home. Assets. American Dream. All gone now, knowing the hate feed will finally end.

Too bad men don’t realize this world they are abandoning is one they created with their own thoughts, feelings, and convictions.

That’s why I don’t give up on this world.

And I never will.

I heard in Ukraine that only the women and children are being allowed to leave.

It’s like the Titanic.

History repeats itself. Big wooden doors floating on the frozen Atlantic with plenty of room to spare, as well as in the lifeboats. Never mind. Let the men drown. We’ll inherit their wealth and property.

Sorry Jack. You‘re cute but you’re poor. See you on Revolutionary Road.

What now?

Women are going to return to the Ukraine and there will be no men. Just bits and pieces scattered about. No one defending a single gate at the border or at home.

Gates are wide open.

What do you think will happen then?

Think it’s going to be Shangri-La — people dancing in the meadows now that the war is over?

No. Someone will see that the borders are open and invite themselves in with an army. Again. This time with less resistance than before.

You think you’ll be able to run with the enemy blocking the borders?

The People You Are After Are the People You Depend On.

This is Women’s History Month. Your world. Your power. Your play.

Have the whole thing.

Because here’s the thing:

All it takes is one geomagnetic storm to enter the atmosphere like the one that did in 1859.

We’re talking multiple trillions of dollars in damages from information loss and there’s also:

No more Internet Activism.

No more Amazon orders.

No more home deliveries.

No more women and children first.

Everyone is in lockdown in their homes.

Typewriters become the only printing press. Paper and ink costs go through the roof. And letters start getting sent out in the post again.

In 1859, any telegraph machine that was powered on shorted out. Any that were powered down at the time turned on and stayed on afterward.

The aurora was seen as far south as the Caribbean.

The radiation impact was so high that it changed the way the rings form in the trees.

You take one of these Carrington Events and apply it to 2022, and the entire world shits the bed overnight.

I mean…blockchain will still be around so long as someone keeps a crypto key in a rad-free safety deposit box. But all the rest will be gone.

Life is a Boomerang.

What goes around, comes around. It could be in the form of a natural disaster, pandemic, or Carrington Event.

Corrections are made when energy is out of balance.

The way to balance a scale isn’t by tipping it.

A message for the women of the world.

Save the world with Love.

Be kind to everyone.

Apologize to yourself for ever allowing yourself to get so worked up by men. They don’t deserve your power.

Don’t relinquish it by complaining and bullying, and playing the victim. Be strong in yourself.

Do not give your power away to men.

Let them know you are strong by living in this truth:

We are here to love all people. No exceptions.

Think Well. Feel Well. Live Well.



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