The Male Patriarchy is a Myth

Power is a result of situational factors — largely managed by magnates who puppet and influence the majority, pinning average men and women against one another.

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There’s a Word for this System — It’s Called ‘Plutarchy’

A plutocracy (Greek: πλοῦτος, ploutos, ‘wealth’ and κράτος, kratos, ‘power’) or plutarchy is a society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income.

It’s often mistaken as patriarchy.

Alongside Every Powerful Man is a Woman Advising Him

Both have important roles, whereas one is more public than the other in most cases.

It is an error to think the wife of a CEO is in a position of weakness, when in fact, she is in a position of tremendous power and influence.

Example: Mackenzie Scott

Third richest woman in the world. Net worth=62.2 billion.

How did she acquire her wealth?

In divorce settlement.

People yell at Bezos for going into outer space. Perhaps he just needed to scream without being heard.

When they worked together, they amassed incredible wealth. That wealth now has incredible influence over the world.

They are both part of the plutarchy.

When You Talk About the Oppressive Male Patriarchy, You are Talking About the 1%

These are men and women so unbelievably obsessed with work, they do nothing else. Nothing. They do not take a day off. They do not do anything but grind. Very few people can do this. Therefore, few are in positions of power like the 1%.

Men Have Less Disposable Income than Women

The argument is men make more than women.

Men pay more bills. Men feel obligated to pay for everything when with the woman they love. It is instilled in us.

It leaves men with less disposable income than women, at the end of the day.

These same men, when they get divorced, often have child support payments to make, without custody, and without any supports — no counseling offered, and when men ask for help, they are laughed at. Belittled. And incarcerated, when they do not pay.

What ends up happening is a man pays for 18 years child support, in exchange for a gestation of 9-months. That’s the transaction you see in family courts, most of the time. There are exceptions, and they are rare.

This leaves men with little to no income, which means, no more dating. No more love. No more support. No more options. Just pay, pay, pay. Like a walking ATM machine.

While this is happening, the mother may belittle and verbally abuse her ex, and make him feel horrible, all the while, if he does not pay, he goes to jail.

I can tell you personally my wife cheated on me, took my children, introduced them to another man, a complete stranger, moved them in with him, and when I didn’t know where they were living, and could not find them for three months after paying a private investigator, I went to the Hague Convention in Washington, D.C. and an investigation occurred to where the officers assigned to the case finally found them.

The mother of my children lied about where they were living, as the new man was paying for everything, and housing my children, with children of his own, putting them in a room next to his, where his daughter slept with her boyfriend, ages 18 right there — complete strangers — and I was never told any of this. it was kept hidden.

He posted a tweet celebrating Father’s Day with a photo of Jack Torrence from The Shining, there with his stepson Danny, whose arm he snapped in a fit of rage. My son was living with this man who tweeted this at the time. It made me sick.

My ex-wife and me were still married then, and she backed this man over my children.

I never received a phone call from my children the day Sergio’s tweet went out.

It was Father’s Day. The Hague Convention made it mandatory for my ex-wife to facilitate a call.

I was told they were too busy watching the World Cup.

My children were living with a stranger. No open conversation about it. No transparency. I didn’t know if he had his hands on them. I knew nothing.

What a huge position of power that places me in, right?

Who do you think was backing all of his decisions?

I was forced to pay my ex-wife in reinforcement of all this behavior.

My Ex Lied Under Oath to Mexican and US Family Court in Order to Receive More Child Support than she Deserved

After she got more than a fair settlement, she went from Mexican family courts to the US ones, asking for money stateside.

She got it.

This left me with $7 to my name per week, after all was said and done. I said this would make it impossible for me to see my children now, and mommy was fine with it.

These Situations are Common in Family Court

Once again, no supports offered to men. No counseling. Just sign here, and pay, or go to jail.

I met Sergio Bonilla, the man living with my children, on Christmas that year. In Mexico. At his home.

He was scared when I arrived. We hugged and cried and I should have kicked him in the balls.

I should have told him this was for having to go to Hague to track my children down while he conspired with my then wife, to hide them from me.

I was told by my ex if I didn’t pay extra, I wouldn’t see them.

And Sergio had the balls to tell me that I wasn’t treating him with respect.

Thank god my children do not live with him anymore.

I don’t know what happened that made them move. My ex keeps it secret. I don’t care now. I just want them to be safe.

So when I hear women tell me that I’m part of the oppressive male patriarchy, I just laugh.

When I hear women are the only ones that are raped, I just laugh.

When I hear men are the ones in power and are inherently violent towards women, I just, laugh.

The rich are laughing, too. They are laughing at all of us, making money hand over fist while we search for angles to find differences in one another.

You’re Hating the Wrong People

I cannot express the importance of loving one another moving forward.

It is the 1% of People in Positions of Tremendous Power, both Men & Women, Making the Decisions to Disenfranchise the Majority and Pin Us Against One Another

If I see misandry in any article on Medium, I shall report it.

Photo by author.

The Purpose of Feminism is to Reach a Point of Equality

Gender equality, also known as sexual equality or equality of the sexes, is the state of equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender, including economic participation and decision-making; and the state of valuing different behaviors, aspirations and needs equally, regardless of gender.

  • Equal ease of access to biological children — denied.
  • Equal ease of access to counseling for said family court issues — denied.
  • Equal ease of access to decision-making with biological children — denied.
  • Equal ease of access to decide whether to participate in war — denied.
  • Equal ease of access to financial aid and government jobs — denied.
  • Equal ease of access to supports at work — denied.
  • Equal ease of access to decide whether I wish to be genitally mutilated — denied. (Graphic imagery is in this link — however it’s nothing in comparison to having it happen to you.)
  • Equal ease of access to reproductive freedom — denied.
  • Equal ease of access to Testosterone for maintaining health, bone density, and well-being into old age — denied.
  • Increased life expectancy as a result of support systems — denied.

And the list goes on to where it becomes embarrassing. Now, anytime someone tells me I’m in a position of power. I laugh.

“Perhaps I know best why it is man alone who laughs; he alone suffers so deeply that he had to invent laughter.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche



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