The Charity’s Return

Oh, night, where have you gone

Photo by author.

Three of Wands. Two wands stationed solid in the ground. Established, already growing sprouts. The figure standing in the center lifts a wand in the air, also with growth of its own.

This is the point from which the portal opens today.

Buckle up. It’s a ride.

(The images below are scans of the author’s typewritten pages and illustrations. Archived by date and page number in the top-left. Illustrations, when presented, are drawn using Blackwing pencils. All type gets printed on Southworth archive quality paper using a Smith-Corona Silent-Super typewriter from the 1950s. The paper is low-acid, watermarked, and date coded for authentication purposes.)

Ash. Taken today by author.
Photo by author. Blackwing pencil on right says ‘Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed’.
Tarot Today. Photo by author.



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