Seven Minutes Before Midnight

Oh, I’ve been here before

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Deadline in store.
Something is packing. Someone. Somewhere. Packing.

No going back, no delete, no uncertainty — go.

Find a way back because it’s your only trick.

See yourself in everyone you see. No trick.

Only truth.

Six minutes before midnight — oh look — just changed to five.

Let’s see how fast I can go while flying.

So far I’ve made it to another line. Let’s see. One more before it’s ll:56?

Still ll:55.

I’m waiting.

Still ll:55.

There it is. ll:56.

Now what do I do?

“Offer something of value for reading your rubbish.”

If you tell yourself first thing in the morning the following, before you open your eyes, your life shall transform quickly:

I am perfect health, I am.
I am attracting wealth, I am.
I am with pure love in my heart, I am.
I am at peace, I am.
I am with my family, I am.
I am happy, I am.

These types of affirmations should make your day run well.

It’s ll:58PM. Still got two more minutes.

“Say goodnight. Go choose a photo and call it a day.”

Photo by alexandru vicol on Unsplash




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