A Woman in Balance

That’s Justice.

Gives in to the Divine Woman. By author.

By the time Card #8 was coming through I knew I wanted to there to be a flip between Justice and Strength, and that was about it.

And so the woman who was supposed to be in balance with the Lion became what you see in the illustration.

Show Me Where the Heart-Center Is. By author.

Justice is a form of hybrid. She has made it through the difficult journey, and is ready to take on anything now. She wears infinite strength on her heart, if she can only see it.

(The images in this article include scans of the author’s typewritten pages and illustrations. Archived by date and page number in the top-left. Illustrations, when presented, are drawn using Blackwing pencils. All photos, unless indicated, are by the author. All typewriting gets printed on Southworth archive quality paper using a Smith-Corona Silent-Super typewriter from the 1950s. The paper is low-acid, watermarked, and date coded for authentication purposes.)

Tarot Today. Portal starts with a dream. Photo by author.



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