Immortal Type Dailies — #8

New Year Today. New Moon Tomorrow.

Lots of heavy hitters coming in today between the 10 of Cups, The Magician and Wheel of Fortune. (Photo by Author.)

Tarot Reorganizes Past, Present, and Future events until your life is experienced continuously through the lens of love.

If there ever was a message from the Universe today, it is to rest assured change is here.

The wheel is already in motion. Magic is manifesting. Love is finally going to be cool again.

For now, let go of what has been holding you back. For tomorrow comes a shift of energy not felt in over two years with the New Moon — it is the idea that we have a year ahead of us now, one that is set in stone — full of love, and it wants you to attain wish fulfillment.

So, while the skeptics shout at us, just laugh as we put cotton in our ears, heads in the sand, to listening to something that hasn’t been on the airwaves in a long time, (as much as it is needed) — LOVE — comes forth, chorus blasting — this is the time, this is the place, this is the year, and this is the feed that you need to have playing at all times, until we start seeing smiles instead of frowns. Until we start hearing stories of hope & progress, instead of complaints and gossip. When we start helping people up instead of setting them up to look the fool. Better to play the fool, and take leaps of faith past all the non-believers, every day. All you have to do is write a single word and you’ve leapt far beyond the majority.

So why not fly? Is that not the purpose of the page? If not, please tell me why I find joy in doing what I do. I see no other reason than to be anywhere doing anything anytime I want. It’s complete and total freedom.

The world wiped away our smiles with the hope we would forget what one looks like and take it for granted when one’s offered.

Receive smiles. Give them in return, to their rightful owners, right away. Don’t let anything be important enough to deny someone their smile. Give it back, whenever one comes your way. Share all you have that is free, as it is most valuable, even though the world would claim the opposite. Smile. Think love. Give love. Ask how you may help. Ask how you may assist. Ask if there’s anything else someone may need. Put in that extra second. Offer it to the person trying to get through that intersection if just one car would stop. Be that person that gives smiles back to everyone that ever trusted themselves enough to offer it. They have been waiting for their smiles to return for so long and by returning it, they will never forget this moment. For it will be a moment where they are renewed in faith that if they believe in loving others, they shall be loved in return. And not to worry about when that will happen — to just have faith that the time is coming, and when it does, it will feel perfect. Because it is, a perfect moment.

And whenever you have doubts, these dailies will be here for you to remind you that you’re not alone, and you are loved. Also remember that you owe me nothing. Just receive. Let this all yours for as long as you need.


This represents the first page in my life written completely with my non-dominant, left hand. Representing Day 2 of writing like this. I plan on continuing until I write equally with my right. I’ve noticed that through repetition my right hand has improved, calligraphy-wise and my typewriting has also been cleaner. I know I’m onto something with this. I also put more time into the top-right corner illustrations. Hope you enjoy!



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