Shift Change

Grateful for a beautiful day of writing.

Today’s Universal Tarot Reading speaks of prayers being answered, and healing. Happy to share the pages that go along with it below.

Took a lot of leaps today. Felt like I landed most of them. Lots of goodies in store for you today.

Anyway, no sense in me rambling on about it — here you go. It’s free. Like always. Until it isn’t. Kind of thing.


This page was written with my left hand. This is my third/fourth day of practice.
An interesting effect I’ve been noticing about the left hand pages is they tend to have a 3D element to them. They seem to be standing more like in a row that extends into the background. It’s hard to explain but I don’t get this effect when writing with my right hand.

There was also something new I discovered while writing with my left hand — I have the lighting in the room beaming down like you would above a workbench, as I wish to see my hand clearly and guide it as best as I can, because it’s very damn hard, I feel resistance a lot of the time, and then I remind myself to ease up, and it usually flows from there. Sharpening also changes the consistency of the print. All of these things are things that can be ironed out in time, the fact of the matter is — I’m writing with my non-dominant hand.

However more curious, is that when I write with this lighting set the way it is, it almost looks like my left hand is puppeteering faces. I will record some of it soon so you may judge for yourself. This is just a bit of the eerie element, that I quickly replace with a feeling of wonderment. As magic is really happening because I finally decided to surrender to it. There’s something to be said about it. It’s summed up into one word: Freedom.

Because Tom Hanks is a big typewriter fan, I was channeling a conversation with him on this one, referring abstractly to his film Castaway.
And then Saturn arrives. Don’t believe me? Just check the illustration on the top-right. Told you.
A reassurance of faith. And the rest, I leave for your own interpretations.



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