I Like Joe Rogan. So Be It.

He admits when he’s wrong and has the emotional intelligence to apologize, and correct himself.

William Vincent Carleton
10 min readFeb 16, 2022


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What mainstream media fails to recognize is someone made a video montage of Joe Rogan saying the N-word repeatedly and it went viral. It was not Rogan’s doing but all the same the world is up his ass.

That said, it’s been a week and you cannot find the viral video anymore. It won’t show up in searches. I’m sure folks are threatening litigation if it circulates. Reason being, it’s racist. Second reason being, it pulls things Rogan said out of context to paint him in a defamatory light. All without consent, mind you.

So now surely heads are rolling and anyone who puts the video up will get flagged and sued for being racist douchebags.

While I was watching the montage, amidst the shock, the question that arrived was — How long ago was some of this footage recorded?

Some of it looked like it was caught on VHS tape. Which begged the question — Why wasn’t this made a concern until now?

Everything was pulled out of context and some of the footage used was eleven years old. Joe Rogan explains on his Instagram page:


Of course the montage was racist.

I was shocked. The world was shocked. Everyone was shocked. I’m sure Joe Rogan was shocked the most. It’s footage of him delivering racial slurs rapid-fire. Some clips used were from eleven years ago. Mixed and matched before being clipped and shipped.

Do you think this was done to benefit Joe Rogan’s career? Like it was some secret plan all along? Do you know how unhinged conspiracy theory can make you? If not — just check out this article:

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What most fail to recognize is that in order for wokeness to happen nowadays, it requires a troll disguised as an editor to include every instance of Joe Rogan saying the N-word in a rhythmic fast-chop beat for it to make headline news.

The message sent out to the world was completely vacant of the following:

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Love is not involved. As there must be some repetitive, negative, anti-everything, destructive spin to every news story put out there. And then flair must be added at the end for it to be absorbed by the youth of today. This is where we are. It’s a fucking whirlwind.

People listened to Joe Rogan use the N-word in his interviews for over a decade. How could it be that no one complained until now? It means that it was taken out of context. It should at least serve as a red flag to do some investigation. Why not listen to Joe Rogan?

Learn that the montage is fiction. Defamatory. You can do the same with the words I write in this article. Mash them up. Go ahead and highlight the words that are deemed important in support of groups that intend to ban free speech.

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There is nothing good to come from fake news. It’s not truth. Joe Rogan didn’t wake up and ask a producer to put together a quick clip of all the times he ever said the N-word for the sake of enhancing his career. If that is the case I didn’t hear it during his public apology.

Someone did this to fuck up his life, and the life of his loved ones, while making money off of it.

Who knew that all the world needed was a montage?

Courtesy of YouTube. For educational purposes.

“Show lots of things, happenin’ at once. To remind everyone of what’s going on… We’re gonna need a montage! Even Rocky had a montage!”

Team America

I lament because humanity cannot handle anything anymore. Life is too overwhelming. It’s like walking on eggshells just to get to the heartfelt truth in any conversation. It gets spun into identity politics any chance one can get — and it’s tiring as fuck. So much that I almost considered writing AF. I refuse to let language disappear because of human laziness.

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There must be some repetitive, negative, anti-everything, destructive spin to every news story put out there. And then flair must be added at the end for it to be absorbed by the youth of today. This is where we are. It’s a fucking whirlwind.

Let’s try a behavioral experiment

Alright, you are readers with great imaginations. So let’s pretend to trade places with Joe Rogan.

Let’s put Joe in the shoes of the person who made this racist montage, okay?

Are you following me now?

No? Let’s try this again. A simpler example:

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Bam! Imagine it — Joe Rogan is now in your shoes

You’ve traded places with him, and now you’re in a position of power with millions of fans, where you have more influence with your listeners than the media outlets. What would you do then with all that power?

It’s a tough decision, right?

Okay. While you’re making a decision, I’ll tell you what Joe Rogan has been up to in your shoes.

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Joe is observing your broken routines, checking on things that have gone nowhere for the last decade or so. Looking at all the things you should have done but never had the courage or drive to accomplish.

All the shit talk. All the gossip. All the lame excuses. All the complaining to others who mirrored the same. Friends are nothing but co-dependent enablers. Promoters of a meager existence. Making defamatory montages for a living. With footage that wasn’t even theirs. Nothing new was created other than new problems. And you couldn’t let Joe be a fool.

Joe is looking at all the potential you have, right now. He’s in your shoes. All the projects you started but never finished. All the times you chickened out. All the times you used a situation as an excuse not to get something done. The only thing you did that was “successful” was make this montage of Joe Rogan repeatedly saying the N-word.

Joe starts working on the important things you abandoned because — fuck giving up. Joe brings some of this determination into your life now.

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He picks up the weights in the garage. He starts walking fast, getting you active again. Stretching. Joe teaches your mind to meditate in the morning. Get up motivated, work hard, and get to bed early. Take up mixed martial arts practice, so you can experience what it is like to have someone’s crotch in your face, with a sweet fermented shit-stained Gi pressing down on you, you have nowhere else to go, and you must remain calm. You have to think for once.

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Day after day you are put through this, and you put others through it too, so you can see the difference in perspective, and develop a sense of compassion towards others. Knowing you’ve been there on rock bottom and it sucks. You’ll be there again soon enough.

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So you learn this now. While Joe is in your shoes. And while you are in the shoes of Joe Rogan, you see how life doesn’t stop moving:

Of course, life slows down for Joe Rogan, because he meditates. He has a routine that supports his very active life. It is a life of service to millions.

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However Joe Rogan is perceived, he has money because enough people feel he provides a quality service. Part of that involves him making mistakes and to own them fully. Few people with his audience size do this. It’s worth noting.

You experience Joe’s life and see how busy it is. Suddenly you think it would be better to have peace again.

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And just like that — you return to your shoes.

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You feel the difference. Something has happened. You feel stronger. More confident. Able to handle anything. More limber. Something happened. You’re not afraid of the things that used to keep you paralyzed all day.

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You review your email and wonder if this was all a dream. Perhaps something you did to yourself while drunk. But you don’t drink, so it’s strange to have received this email from Joe Rogan’s personal email:

‘Now that I’ve been in your shoes, and seen all you do in service to communities, and for your family, I want you to know that I apologize for throwing you under the bus with my N-word montage. I didn’t understand how much harm it would cause so many people. I understand now. I know the money I make from this reinforces the fear and anger and hate in others. What this does is it takes something from years ago way out of context, and brings it to life again in a new way. I have made it more real than before. Bigger to where it is tangible, so others can take a bite out of it. I know it’s racism. It’s vacant of love. It’s a demonstration of something that no one wants. I wonder, why concentrate on it? For what reason am I entertaining this?’

Do you think racism will stop by continuously exposing people to news about racism on repeat?

Maybe if this was A Clockwork Orange.

I have an idea. Let’s try something else

Instead of racism, let’s talk about artisanal beer all the time. Let’s see if people pay less or more attention to artisanal beer as a result. Let’s see if we despise artisanal beer afterward, and try and get artisanal beer banned.

Let’s see if we can start a petition to end artisanal beer. Because let’s face it. Alcohol is a drug. It’s bad for you, and it destroys lives.

Here it is. Look at it so that you finally get rid of it.

Photo by Pawel Kadysz on Unsplash

Did I just help you get over beer? I hope so. If not, you’re a bigot that probably gets off on drinking beer.

Here’s another dose to help you get over it.

Photo by Marina Zaharkina on Unsplash

Perhaps a fresher, hoppier version will help you forget about beer, after you smell the bouquets of tangerine, orange juice and peach. This of course should encourage you to put the glass down and even better — drain pour it. Unless you are some sort of sicko. Forget the nose includes just a hint of grapefruit pith. Hopefully you’ve gotten over artisanal beer and cancelled it by now. If you don’t, I’m just saying — it could hurt others.

“I find it offensive that you would put artisanal beer and racism into the same category.”

“Fair enough. Let’s try war. We know lots of people die as a result of war, so it mustn’t be good…”

So instead of racism, let’s talk about war all the time.

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Let’s imagine that being a heart you squeeze after pulling it out. That’s war.

Photo by Jordy Meow on Unsplash

Here’s the city you must infiltrate

There are snipers in the towers and they are setup deep in the room so you won’t be able to effectively return fire. You don’t know if that child is strapped with explosives. You won’t know until it is too late.

You will find war feels unfair, as this is your life we’re talking about. Now you have no control over certain elements of it. That can be devastating to the psyche, if you allow it to devastate you…

As we feed you more of this:

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You call for ceasefire and the bullets keep flying. You call for extraction. No one responds. Now you have a man down.

Do you think by feeding more of this to you that you will stop thinking about war? Stop obsessing about it? Stop sharing it? Stop talking about it?

Now will you finally stop screaming for war?

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‘I want you to know I’ve changed since we’ve traded places, and I want you to know that I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, and I love you.’

“How can this be? This email must have arrived after I switched shoes…I don’t remember.”

“You cannot recall anything?”

“I don’t know. But an apology’s right here.”

“That’s strange. It must be because it’s the Full Moon.”

“Yeah? I heard it’s a good time to let things go.”



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