Here’s How to Build the Wall and Get Mexico to Pay For it

The Majority of Mexicans will gladly go along with this plan

Photo by Philippe Ramakers on Unsplash

Just hear me out. I write this as a father of two Mexican-American children with US Passports that can travel back and forth without issue.

That’s not the case for the majority of Mexicans.

To Cross the Border Illegally, a Mexican Risks Their Life

The Mexicans crossing the border aren’t doing it for a quick thrill. No, they are leaving Mexico because they have likely been presented with a matter of life and death in their hometown.

I‘ve been crossing the Mexican border for the last decade, and toured most of the Republic. Here’s what I know about folks trying to cross the border undocumented:

  • The majority get caught, processed, and deported.
  • The majority are men.
  • Many come from Central and South America and have been riding on top of cargo trains for weeks.
  • They remain separated from their family that lives stateside.
  • The majority are shot at when they try to cross.
  • Many are killed, or die of dehydration and/or sunstroke.
  • This comes after paying a coyote several thousand dollars for “safe passage” to the United States.
  • The system in place is 100% backed by corruption on both sides of the border.

How Do I Know all of This?

My ex-wife is a Mexican television news reporter. One of the best.

She crossed the border illegally with cameramen for news stories, because she’s crazy. But she helps me make my point regarding the building of a wall and how Mexicans would gladly pay for it.

She made it across the first time she went.

Word is, she brought a hidden camera with her through border patrol customs, and was with a Mexican man who had a falsified US Visa. They made it through — including my ex-wife, the cameramen, and this man with the false visa.

Next they went from the border crossing to Las Vegas, so that this man could be reunited with his consanguine family. He hadn’t seen them in decades after being deported, and everyone was in tears.

My ex-wife was seen as a hero on the Mexican news.

She Tried to Do it Again

This time she tried crossing the Rio Grande. There’s a spot where you can make it across fairly quickly, and the United States Border Patrol knows this, so they installed a whirlpool system in the river, which sucks people down and drowns them. I couldn’t believe it until my ex-wife showed me the footage.

Fortunately she had men with her that helped pull her out of the whirlpool, and they made it across.

From there they went running, at dusk, and the Border Patrol was chasing them with flashlights and riot shotguns.

My ex-wife got shot with a beanbag in the head, and was bleeding from her temple. She nearly lost her eye.

One of the cameramen picked her up and carried her to safety across the Mexican border.

You may be wondering why I’m telling you all of this, when the article has to do with building a wall.

Here’s the Deal

Those men who are trying to cross undocumented — they have tried to make ends meet in Mexico all their lives.

Finally they save enough to open a corner grocer, or a small shop, and the narcos arrive before they can even make their first sale, demanding money at the start of every month, or they will shoot his family members, one by one, until the payment is made.

A man like this gets the news, tells his family that his children need to go to the United States, and gives them a few thousand dollars to pay a coyote, which guarantees nothing, and this man closes his shop, and sleeps by his bed with a shotgun for the rest of his life.

Or, he’ll take his chances crossing the border with his family, that is now on the run from the narcos, and about to be chased by U.S. Border Patrol.

Okay Here’s My Plan

Present an option to Mexicans that they can give the money they were planning on paying the coyotes to the US Government, to be documented fully, granted a work permit, and driver’s license, and ability to attend college. And they have 6-months to make it work.

Setup programs of support, so they can check in with bilingual counselors. They are afforded English classes as part of the fee they paid to cross. The surplus goes to building the wall.

There’s a reason for building it, and it has to do with corruption. I’ll explain.

Here’s What Results from the Plan

  • The wall gets built, eliminating undocumented crossing.
  • It also eliminates the coyote’s racket, and those who are accepting payoffs on both sides of the border.
  • It puts all this money into the government’s hands, so that real good can be done for the country. With education. Integration. And unification of families.
  • There are no deaths from crossing the border.
  • There are no more threats from the narcos. They know the families they threaten will be given asylum in the states.
  • The nation’s GDP goes up.
  • Background checks can be run on all immigrants coming in, to determine eligibility to work in the United States, including a psych evaluation by a licensed counselor who is bilingual.
  • Undocumented tax evasion plummets.
  • Immigrants get put on payroll with competitive wages.
  • The economy improves as a result of all of this new workforce coming in, that paid America for the opportunity to work.

We’re Talking About People Who Want to Work

Want to thrive. Want to survive.

We’re talking about people whose ancestors lived in this very country of ours, less than 200 years ago.

We’re talking about human beings.

So you offer them this plan. And they will gladly pay. So as not to die.



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