Happiness is Accessible Right Now. And It’s Free.

Apply this key to life.

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I’m not here to gimmick you with life hacks.

If you’re like me, glory is becoming your own boss. Say goodbye to the daily grind, to hell with the office job. Like any advice, mine won’t produce the effects you need through reading words alone. Thank heavens. As my words are chosen from the same flawed, restricted alphabet as yours, and so we must make do with the tools we have.

Good news this practice has to do with better management of thought. That’s all this is. By taking control over the thoughts you choose to entertain, you will in turn gain control over your life.

I’m just a normal guy who gravitated to writing in order to process life’s hard knocks. I recognize challenges now as ones I choose for myself. That said, no matter what your passion is — what I’m about to share with you will improve your life if you pursue it. And the more you practice this new way of organized, loving thought, the faster your life will change.

At the start of 2021, I was destitute.

Living in Mexico City during the pandemic. Hemorrhaging funds. Told myself ‘I am done being poor.’ Tired of pointing fingers, blaming the world and those in it. Done reverberating how ‘I am a victim of external circumstances’, got my shit together after reading a book that was gifted to me 10 years ago that I packed away and never read. When I finally did, my life changed.

Here’s what I learned from reading this book:

A repetition of errors delivers a life of suffering.

For some reason when I first received this book, I dismissed all of it. Some part of myself rejected the wisdom. I thought it was spiritual garbage. It spoke about how happiness was a result of thought. The thought I entertained at the time was — this is bullshit.

And then, at the start of 2021, I woke up to this auto-playing on YouTube.

It contained words from the book that was gifted to me. It was the first meditation from U.S. Andersen’s book, Three Magic Words: The Key to Power, Peace and Plenty. (If you order this book from the affiliate link above, I may receive a commission. That said, all the information you need to make changes in your life is listed below for free.)

Repeat this meditation before you go to bed, and your life will change. It will manage the pieces that you cannot, as you surrender them to a higher power. The result is: things work out in the end. As it is now managed through a reciprocal system of love that demonstrates itself as real and observable in the world around you. As you give love, love you shall receive. This is the formula to achieving peace, happiness, and prosperity.

Return to this practice, and find yourself free of worry, expectation, or obligation. See yourself as the perfection you are. Make daily efforts to love yourself and others. Serve people in need without thinking about what you will get in return. It shall return by law. The more you love, the faster wish fulfillment happens. And once it happens, KEEP ON SERVING. That’s what money is for. To have the capacity to serve more. That’s why I offer this without giving it a second thought. I know it will help people.

May this meditation serve you so that your wishes are fulfilled. Use it anytime you need a reset to understand the true miracle that you are.



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