Maybelline returns to her old ways…

William Vincent Carleton
3 min readJan 26, 2022

(The images below are scans of the author’s typewritten pages and illustrations from Tuesday, January 25th, 2022. They are archived by date and page number in the top-left. Illustrations are drawn using Blackwing pencils. All type is printed on Southworth archive quality paper using a Smith-Corona Silent-Super typewriter from the 1950s. The paper is low-acid, watermarked, and date coded for authentication purposes.)

Today’s Tarot Reading. Photo by Author.

Major players coming out today in the Tarot reading. The Devil sits at the bottom of the deck. Most mistake this as a bad omen. It’s not. It represents a burst of creativity. Paradoxes and contradictions. Irony and mocking of common norms. Acting from desires, passions and impulses. Moving on from a past family trauma. This definition is taken straight from the Marseilles Tarot, which is the most forgiving of all. That’s the way Tarot should be.