Demystifying Pop Music

A story told by my dear friend

Photo Trademarked by popMATICS

Music is the key

I could go on about the great mysteries of sound. How static frequencies, when placed in a sequence, bring up deep feelings. These feelings want resolution. You can experience this oscillation immediately on the piano.

22 lessons — the same amount of cards in the Major Arcana

These are the things I write about. I’m strange. That’s okay. Here’s what I know: You can get a lot accomplished in 22 chapters. I tie each to the Major Arcana. Each tells a story. And so do each of Tony’s 22 free lessons.

The message is simple enough to understand the first time

By the second run, you are eager to play it. Sit down, try it out, and discover you can do the same thing on the video. And that’s your first key. It’s the feeling you get when music clicks.

Illustration by Tony Parlapiano.

Music naturally oscillates between tension and resolution

Frequencies technically do not ever resolve, and that is a good thing. Because if all frequency suddenly ended, our atoms would collapse and our bodies would be reduced to about the size of a grain of rice. Everything prefers space, especially atoms. That said, you have access to an isolated real-estate of frequencies with the piano, and if you play them within a certain framework, it generates an emotional response.

Here’s the playlist of all 22 lessons for popMATICS 101



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