American Presidents Have it Made When they Retire

From secret service protection to private jets; all expenses paid.

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It’s a nice view from retirement land

Thanks to the Former President’s Act. Put in place in 1958. I learned about it back when the second Trump impeachment attempt was all over the news. There was talk about taking away his retirement benefits. And I was thinking at the time — this guy’s a billionaire, what more can he need? Well, it turns out there are some things money can’t buy.

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Complimentary medical insurance for life

I’m not even going to go into this one…

A multiple six-figure pension

The annual pay for a retired American President is $219,200 as of 2020. If the President’s wife becomes a widower and doesn’t already have a pension, she is afforded one as well.

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Office Relocation costs

There’s no excuse for a President not to leave the office after their term is over. The moving expenses are paid for — including all staffing costs, rental of temporary office space, and postage and shipping. This is paid for by the government for seven months after leaving office.

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Permanent private staff and furnished home office

Basically all the closest staff members to the President while he was in office continue working. First 30 months the pay is $150,000 a year and after that it caps at $96,000. Every staff member can be paid this amount.

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Secret Service Protection

Protection of the President and his spouse for life. This also includes protection of the President’s children who are under the age of 16.

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Travel Expenses & Incidentals

Have a look for yourself:

It’s for services rendered

For the sacrifices made in office. Every President gives up a major part of their life to serve the American people. That deserves proper compensation.

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