William Vincent Carleton holds the world record for the most novels written in a year at 42, accomplished in 2021. The previous record was held by Barbara Cartland at 23 novels, a record held since 1977.

All of William's novels are completed on a mechanical typewriter. He channels his writing through a technique called "auto-type". It involves the Tarot.

William writes speculative fiction, with daily typewritten pages and articles offered to Medium subscribers. His style is mainly first-person narrative, as it brings out the truth through channeling.

An autodidact, self-taught musician and music composer. William's lived in Mexico City off and on for the last decade in order to maintain contact with his children, who live there against his consent.

Unity with them is the reason he writes.

William studied Psychology at University of Delaware, and currently resides in New England where he is the guardian of three cats.

Think well. Feel well. Live well.

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